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October 2017
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Turkish Protesters Gather in Rotterdam after 15-year old Boy Dies

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Today, on March 11th, a protest was held in front of the Stadhuis city hall against the Turkish government. The protest was organized by The Netherlands Gezi Solidarity, a social group, to raise awareness about the Turkish 15 year old, Berkin Elvan, who died this morning after months of being in a coma. He had been hit on the head by a gas canister by the police during a clampdown on anti-government protesters in Istanbul, about a year ago.  This peaceful protest was used as a way for the Turkish citizens residing in the Netherlands to voice their frustration against their unjust government and the police violence back home.

On June 1st 2013, Berkin Elvan was sent out to buy a loaf of bread but ended up getting caught in the middle of the protest where he was attacked by the police. Much of this anger was directed at the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan with protestors carrying large signs which read “Murdered by Turkish Police” and “My name is Berkin Elva. The Turkish police have killed me by order of Turkish prime minister.”

The Dutch police surrounded the area to make sure the protest remained peaceful. They were not available for comment.

The demonstration started at around 17.00 hours in front of the city hall and continued as a marching protest through the city center. Similar protests are said to happen in Den Haag later this evening as well.

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