The Hague: Groot Hertoginnelaan reopened to traffic

Since the start of 2011, plans have been created to renovate one of the main residential streets in The Hague. The street being: The Groot Hertoginnelaan, plans were made to begin reconstructing the street in 2011. They predicted that it would take a year to complete the whole process. What had to be done was that the sewage pipes/water pipes had to replaced, in addition to that the street would receive a whole new look. Trees would be removed from both sides of the street and new ones would be planted in the middle.  The four-lane street turned into a two-lane street. There are many reasons to why this particular street needed to be renovated. One reason being that there had been complaints of traffic congestion and sound pollution. This is because that  the Groot Hertoginnelan is one of the most centrally located streets in The Hague connecting the city center to the beaches (Kijkduin/Scheveningen). Finally since a week ago the construction in the street has been completed. It was officially opened by members of the city council, by planting the first symbolic trees.

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