Warmest March day in decades

(ROTTERDAM; March 9, 2014) Last Sunday was the warmest day of the year so far and the warmest day in March recorded in the last decade, making the Netherlands one of the warmest places to be this weekend. Only Spain and parts of Belgium recorded higher temperatures for the day. A welcome change to the normally rainy Dutch weather many people took the opportunity to spend their day in the sunshine. As such scores of people were out on Sunday exploring the city or relaxing in the park or the many little green places along the riverbanks. But not only the parks and riverbanks were teaming with people, the cafés and restaurants were busy on this nice day. According to Chris de Pagter, manager of Prachtig, the hospitality and restaurant sector can have up to 50% more business on a day such as Sunday, making it a good day for businesses all over Holland. As such this Sunday will be warmly remembered in the coming weeks as forecasts predict a decrease in temperature and rain for large parts of the country over the course of the week and beyond.

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