Rotterdam introduces on-bill travelling

 A new paying system for the public transport is being tested in Rotterdam. Since March 3 citizens using the public transport facilities can travel on bills. Therefore the new system is based on subscription consequently facilitating travel as waiting in line to upload the OV-chip card is no longer necessary. Transport can be used freely throughout the month and only at the end of it the travelers have to pay the bill. Thus via mail they will receive an invoice from the Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram (RET), which lists all routes taken by the individual in the specific month and states the charges. Besides being less time-consuming the new technique is also more convenient as it allows travelers to check in and out with their mobile phones and bank cards. Public opinion about the news system is divided; some are convinced of its convenience, others feel they will lose control about their monthly expenses. If the new system is going to be well received among the citizens of Rotterdam, it will also be implemented in the rest of the Netherlands.

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