Rotterdam inaugurates eye-catching Station

Rotterdam has a new eye-catcher: the new Rotterdam Central Station. This new station is part of a series of major train station renovations around the Netherlands. This new station is not only part of the largest railway station and innovation since the creation of the Dutch railways, 175 years ago. It has also become an entry into the vibrant city of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Central Station is the first of a series of major train stations that will soon be opened in the Netherlands. In many places in the Netherlands ProRail is adding new stations. The aim is to provide passengers with more space and comfort. Rotterdam Central is therefore the first to open the series of larger and smaller stations will soon officially open its doors. What makes this opening extra special is that this year the Dutch railway celebrates its 175th anniversary. The opening will take place on March 13th by our own King Willem Alexander. March 13th will thus be a festive day with many activities and performances to truly celebrate the official opening and the beginning of a series of constructions. The station has a walkway that connects the 16 tracks and a new passenger passage of almost 50 meters wide. Every day around 110,000 people walk the station area of 47.000m2.

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