Highest winter temperatures reached in Rotterdam

Unusual temperatures in the Netherlands for this time of the year, never has there been a warmer weekend measured in this time of March.

Saturday the temperature reached 16 degrees at the official weather station in The Bilt, breaking the 1991 record. Sunday temperatures reached up to 22 degrees in the south of Holland and the official weather station at The Bilt reported the record breaking temperature of 19 degrees. The previous record for March 9th stood on 18,6 degrees.

Monday was again a record breaking day with temperatures reaching up to 23 degrees in the south of Holland and the official station at the Bilt reporting a peak of 18,6 degrees, thereby busting the 1977 record of 17,9 degrees.

The warm weather is caused by a high pressure area in proximity to the Netherlands and will remain so until at least Friday.

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