Opening New Hostel Witte de Withstreet

ROTTERDAM – One of the hippest streets in Rotterdam has a new addition: King Kong hostel. It has had its grand opening Saturday the 8th of March, and IBCoMMotion went there on Sunday to see what the buzz is all about.

The hostel is at a unique place in Rotterdam, in the middle of city center and with a lot of things to do close by. Boijmans van Beuningen museum, NAI museum, maritiem museum, you name it and the guests of King Kong hostel can go there. Besides that, the team behind the hostel is young and fully dedicated to make this hostel work.

Because let’s be honest: Does Rotterdam really need another hostel? Two years ago Rotterdam only had one hostel in the whole city; now it has five. And not only hostels are popping up, new hotels are build all the time as well. Do all those ho(s)tel beds get filled in the end? It is true that Rotterdam has had some wonderful positive promotion in the last months, while being in the world’s “top cities to visit in 2014”-lists. With our visit to the hostel itself, we will find out what our opinion on the matter is!

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