Rotterdam: Heated debate ahead of polls

On Saturday, LOKAAL Rotterdam organized a debate for the upcoming municipal elections on the 19th of March. The event was hosted in the city library and the politicians presented their parties’ visions on the topic of multicultural diversity. At more than 50%, Rotterdam has the highest percentage of people with non-Dutch origins in the Netherlands and accordingly, the city’s political climate has been agitated for several years already. The well-known presenter Geert Maarse was leading the debate to which many people found their way on a warm and sunny afternoon. The debate itself was also quite heated, as the topic but also the participation of a new party stirred up a lot of emotions in the audience and as one listener  put it, “some people were very angry”. Besides applause, a few of the politicians received loud chants of disagreement and were booed at. This was the second out a series of debates about the future of the city and the next debate will be held near Hofplein at Schieblock – laboratory for urban development, on the 13th of March.

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