Running for charity 2014

Every year in the Hague the Abn Ambro hosts the charity  CPC (City-Pier-City)  marathon. This year was a celebration of its 40th birthday.

This marathon is not only a good possibility to promote healthy living with lots of excercise, but also to encourage people to be good for others.  The main event is considered to be the half-marathon , however there are many other types of competitions for everyone to enjoy. Anyone from a professional runner to a child was able to participate in this event.

Luckily, there were a ton of people participating and enjoying the sunny weather that brought many spectators to the field. There were a lot of different activities many of which were conducted by volunteers. Many of these volunteers also belonged to some kind of charity organization and spent their day gathering more help for people in need.

All in all,
It was a great success with all kinds of people participating in this event which should bring a little smile to everyone’s face.

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