Ahoy hosts Rotterdam Fabric Fair

On Friday the 7th of March 2014 the Stoffen Spektakel took place in the Ahoy Arena Rotterdam. The Stoffen Spektakel is a fabric fair on which several nationally known fabric manufacturers presented and sold their products. The entrance was free and numerous fashion lovers used the opportunity to stock up their fabric supplies or simply to inform themselves on the latest trends. The doors opened from 9.00am to 5.30 pm and visitors said it was “very convenient that it was in the afternoon”. Rotterdam was the 9th destination of the fair and numerous market stalls offered fabrics ranging from leftovers to high quality products. Especially this quantity of choice positively resonated with the visitors who report that they “really like it because there are so many different fabrics”. Yet, visitors could not only purchase fabrics, but also everything related to it: from sewing machines over supplies to other tools that are needed to create one’s own fashion. In addition, the latest products were presented and visitors received valuable advices. For many it was a great day out and some even said they discovered “an entire new world for them”.

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