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October 2017
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Bobbing Forest Art Project kicks off

On the 11th of March 2014 the opening of the Bobbing Forest Art Project will take place at  the RDM Campus in Rotterdam South.

“It fits the new and modern look Rotterdam wants to have ” is how Edda Beck, Citizen of Rotterdam South, describes the Bobbing Forest Art Project.

The bobbing forest is an idea by the Columbian artist Jorge Bakker who is living and working in the Netherlands. The vision of the final project is that that 20 trees are going to be implanted into sea buoys which will be placed into the Rijnhaven Rotterdam where they will float on the water surface. In order to allow the trees to survive in the water, the sea buoys are prepared to host the living trees and provide them with the necessary conditions to flourish.

The project is based on crowdsourcing and consists of a collaboration of different sponsors and companies such as Hoogeschool Rotterdam and the Municipality of Rotterdam. The project is mainly founded by re-used materials;  the sea buoys are not in use anymore and provided by Rijkswaterstaat Rotterdam. Further, the trees are old trees which had to be replaced and are sponsored by Bomendepot Rotterdam.

The opening event of this  inspiring project takes place on the 11th of March 2014 in Rotterdam South at the RDM Campus. During this event, the first tree will be put in a sea buoy and implanted into the RDM Aquarium. From there on, it will be monitored for 6 months so last alterations can be made so soon 20 trees will be able to flourish, survive and soon float in the Rijnhaven Rotterdam.

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