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October 2017
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The 2014 Nuclear Security Summit

On the 24th and 25th of March, the city of The Hague will be hosting the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit. A total of 58 world leaders, including President Barak Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Xi Jinping, will come together to meet and (hopefully) agree on measures aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism worldwide. The Hague was selected as a host city due to the presence of many international organizations and its international reputation as the “City of Peace and Justice”. The city’s Peace Palace can be seen as the ideal symbol for hope and harmony, two concepts which all participating countries should strive for.

Although a global gathering, the event also affects pedestrian citizens. Due to the summit, traffic measures have to be taken in order for the event to move smoothly; in which certain roads will be closed off. One of these roads is the N44, which also happens to be the primary gateway for transportation for the students of the American School of The Hague. Since majority of its students can not attend classes, the school has decided to also shut down during the summit. This in turn does give the students a day off, but how will they continue their day-to-day studies?

Students partaking in the National Honor Society (NHS) are the American School’s most studious and ambitious students. In order to become a member, students need to have an accumulative GPA of 3.6 0ver two consecutive years. Being a former Alumnus myself, I turned to two current NHS members for some answers.

This was Dana Mol, reporting live from The Hague for Ibcommotion.






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