Rotterdamn’it prepared for the season final

On the upcoming Sunday, Rotterdam’s Ultimate Frisbee team Rotterdamn’it is attempting to reach its season goal of promoting to the third Dutch division on the last competition day of the season. 

In a series of unfortunate events, Rotterdamn’it had missed the promotion to the third of seven Dutch divisions by only one point for two competition days in a row. Hence, Sunday’s last competition in Ijmuiden will also mark the last chance for the team to reach its declared goal of the season.

Four 30-minute games against the teams of Delft, Groningen, Utrecht and the hosting team of Ijmuiden will determine whether Rotterdamn’it will still be able to turn this season into a successful one on the final stretch. In order to ensure a satisfying end of the term, Coach Oscar Gomez prepared the last training session in great detail. With tactical briefings and physical drills, he tried to build the level of concentration and fitness necessary to withstand Sunday’s final challenge.

Certainly, the injury key players Aurélien Lina, who had dislocated his shoulder and broken his wrist in the last game will still hurt the team, yet the players seem confident that they will be able to compensate for his absence with an extra grain of effort.

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