Rotterdam women raise funds for Mama Cash

On the 8th of March 2014, international women’s day was celebrated all over the world. Google dedicated their logo to the cause, and events were held in numerous places. In Rotterdam, a group of women decided that this day would be the perfect day to organize a benefit for the international women’s organization Mama Cash. A pop-up store was opened on the Pannekoekstraat where women came together to taste wine, make art, and sell art for charity. In the light of international women’s day many articles came out on the current state of income equality in the Netherlands. These articles showed that apart from a small age group (25 to 30 year-olds) women still make much less money than men, and hold only 1 in 10 top management positions. The women raising money for Mama Cash are trying to fight the inequality: “When I see that my male colleagues make more money than me, I just wonder how that is still possible!” International women’s day is hosted annually to fight against these inequalities, which are even more present in many other countries.

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