Crime rates go down in Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer, a city that has been booming in many areas such as the entertainment and recreation sector, has been a city many people visit and live in. Zoetermeer being known for its crime has grown into a lively city with many attractions. Zoetermeer’s crime rate has decreased over the year of 2013, this is shown through the crime figures that have been published. The Police chief is very happy with the results. However, it has shown that drug trafficking in Zoetermeer has risen. The VVD wants to limit the crime and disturbance in the city of Zoetermeer and the neighborhoods. Zoetermeer residents have said that they feel safe in their environment but find that control and security are crucial. The VVD want to double the strength of enforcements and have more security supervision. The authorities want there to be stricter rules, because not only should crime be reduced but also asocial behavior which leads to criminal activity. Police are keeping an eye on locations with high crime and want more security control to ensure the safety of the residents and visitors of Zoetermeer. Making it a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

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