Travellers welcome new travel credit card in Rotterdam

On the 3rd of March 2014 the pilot phase of a new payment system for public transportation started in Rotterdam. Public transportation users in Rotterdam can from now on register for a travel card that enables the customer to pay for travel expenses at the end of the month. Currently the OV chipkaart, a personalized travel card used throughout the whole country, has to be charged before public transport can be used.

Trans Link Systems, the company behind the public transportation system in the Netherlands, hopes to make traveling more convenient for customers.  The post-pay system that transforms the OV chipkaart into a travel credit card improves the flaws the current chipkaart which was introduced five years ago has. One of the most common annoyances the current OV chipkaart holds is that customers often need to recharge multiple times a month. The card can only be charged at one of the ticket machines located at the main public transportation stations such as Rotterdam centraal or Blaak. Moreover on the bill customers receive with the new OV chipkaart all journeys and expenses are listed, which gives customers useful insights into their public transportation spending.

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