Antibarbari Open announced for April

RSV Antibarbari is Erasmus’ own student soccer association. The soccer association is located near the university and while it seems like a regular sports club, it is much more than that. It is, besides a soccer club, also a place for students to meet and have a good time. Their aim is to attract potential athletes and students that enjoy both sides of soccer; serious training and having fun/ socializing with friends. Something new they have created, which is a spin-off from a successful tournament last year, is the tournament called Antibarbari Open.

This upcoming tournament announced last week is a competition that invites students from everywhere to join in a fun and friendly soccer tournament that ends with a large party. The tournament is open to everyone and with over 800 participants already subscribed it is one of the biggest student soccer competitions in The Netherlands. Participants can go to the website ( in order to subscribe their team for the competition on the 17th of April. Sign up for this day combining athletics and party; sports and fun; competition and bonding. It is a day that truly shows the fun of soccer!

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