Zoetermeer: Insecurity rises

When it comes to safety, The Netherlands scores high in the rank of countries that are the considered the most safe to live in. Meet Zoetermeer, a relatively small town located 20 min from The Hague and Rotterdam. Zoetermeer has peaceful neighborhoods with plenty of new homes and an ever growing city center. However, when reading the local news and following the police official website, burglary is surprisingly a common occurrence. Only 2 days before reporting this news, two Zoetermeer citizens were arrested for burglary in the city. A 21 year-old male and a 29 year- old male,  both still under arrest for further investigation. The crime happened relatively early, at 08:00pm on the night of 02.03.14. We went to the location (VestdijkHove- Zoetermeer) to interview local residents about the crime. Although this was only one occurrence, the police website is full of reports such as this; leading us to believe the amount of burglary incidents are constantly increasing. This video focuses, therefore, on an overall view of burglary reports, rather than one specific event. Two interviewees give their honest opinion on the matter, and talk about their concern when raising children in the area.

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